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Industry 4.0: Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

We are in the Age of Cyber-Physical Systems!

“Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) comprise interacting digital, analog, physical, and human components engineered for function through integrated physics and logic. These systems will provide the foundation of our critical infrastructure, from the basis of emerging and future smart services, and improve our quality of life in many areas.” (NIST MEP)

Industry 4.0 is the implementation of smart connected devices and systems that can potentially communicate autonomously along the value chain. Cyber-Physical Systems are transforming the way people interact with engineered systems – they allow for easy connection between physical infrastructure and other objects to the internet (IoT).

This new era of technological advancement represents a major shift for manufacturers. By integrating vertical information technology systems with operational technologies, and digitally connecting the network between machines, transforming into a smart factory is becoming a reality for small and mid-sized businesses. Industry 4.0 gives organizations the ability to make innovative decisions, improve profit and efficiency, and thrive in a world where everything is becoming digital. A digitally transformed organization is one that will remain relevant in today’s competitive market.

The fourth Industrial Revolution comprises of nine core technologies:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Advanced Simulations and Virtual Reality
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Horizontal and Vertical Integration
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Augmented Reality
  • Big Data Analytics
CPS Framework Model

The Impact of Industry 4.0

Beyond a digital transformation that results in smoother, more efficient operations, Industry 4.0 is also changing organizational culture, how your employees work, collaborate and cater to customers. With the availability of open and connected data, companies see:

  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased supply chain transparency
  • Enhanced employee engagement and retention

Automation for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers

Are you ready to undergo a digital transformation?

Until manufacturers adapt the evolving technological landscape, among other challenges, building a strong pipeline of talent continues to be a major pain. Collaborative Robotics, also referred to as Cobots, are extremely easy to use and the technology impacts are impressive. Get a glimpse of how they are solving the manufacturing workforce challenge:

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